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Jeju Mayu Moisture Mask

Jeju Mayu Moisture Mask
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Product nameSesamis Jeju Mayu Moisture MaskCertification-
categoryFacial Care
Face Mask
Keywordhorse oil , korea , mask pack , moisturizingUnit Size-
Brand nameSesamisUnit Weigh25 g
originSouth KoreaStock-
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Product Information


Horse fat is a fat ingredient extracted from horses. It is effective in skin moisturizing, skin protection, promotion of skin cell regeneration, UV protection, anti-bacterial defense, etc. 

Infused with Jeju horse fat and hyaluronic acid, Sesamis Moisturizing Mask well moisturizes your tired and dry skin and provides vitality to the skin. The effective ingredients derived from aloe vera leaf extract and portulaca oleracea extract nurture your skin to a smoother and glossier state by providing added moisture.    


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