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Magic Effect BB Cream

Magic Effect BB Cream
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Product Information

sesamis Magic Effect BB Cream (50ml)



  • Sesamis finds raw materials naturally occurring or harvested in Jeju Island
  • We produce best quality products using natural, pollution-free mineral water from Jeju Island instead of purified water.
  • It uses herbs from Jeju Island purportedly more fragrant that those grown in the Mediterranean.
  • It seeks only naturally occurring substances in our search for natural ingredients and not contains five chemicals(Paraben,Synthetic dye,Ethanol,Propylene glycol and Mineral oil) harmful to the body.
  • SESAMIS supplies EGFs that have excellent effect in promotion of epidermal cells and resistance to skin aging.



  • This cream naturally covers liver spots, freckles, and solar lentigos and thus creates a clean and transparent skin tone.

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